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A sort of autobiography of Larry Huiras . . .

I started out my life as a child. I think most people did. My problem, if it is a problem at all, is I just didn’t ever get beyond my childhood. As a result I find myself in my fifties bouncing around pretty much where ever the Spirit leads me and my wife is willing to go along.

I have played at many roles in my life including truck driving, air traffic controller, retail management, general manger of a trucking company with $15 million in annual sales, youth minister, religious educator, and educational and business consulting. I have been successful, whatever that might have meant at the time, at all of them.

Most recently I decided to go back to school and get my Masters in Religious Education at Loyola University Chicago. I stuck around Chicago to get a Doctorate in Education from Loyola School of Education, where I took the "forever track" by changing jobs a number of times in the process. I began working at the Office for Catechesis at the Archdiocese of Chicago. Then deciding I wanted to change the world, I became the Executive Director of Stauros U.S.A. a non-profit organization that that deals in the questions and realities of human suffering. Stauros is the ecumenical lay outreach of the Congregation of the Passion, a bunch of really holy men dedicated to preaching the Good News of Christ crucified to a world in denial of the suffering of the human experience which Jesus so beautifully embraced. I eventually came to rest at St. Isidore Parish in Bloomingdale, Illinois. It is a small place (21,000 parishioners and 7000 families) where I was way too busy to finish my dissertation until I absolutely had to. So now it IS Dr. Lar.

The focus of my doctoral research was on parental beliefs and attitudes and there effect on the religious formation or religiosity of their children. My other educational interests include post-literate society and education especially in the areas of media literacy and the internet, issues of author and authority, and finally the pedagogical, psychological, and physiological implications of various electronic mediums. These interests play over into my more personal areas of interests in post-literate society and Religious Education where I am exploring the area of pre-evangelization and electronic mediums in hopes of fostering electronic faith communities with working models of prayer, word, and worship. In terms of religious education and formation, I want to find out what is possible, in a responsible manner.

The pursuit of what is possible has lead me to St. Patrick Catholic Community in Hudson, Wisconsin. Yes that's right! Life, the grace of God, and 12 years later, I have returned to the corner of the world from which I came. I have been the Director Religious Education, or as we hae named it the Faith Formation DIrector, for 5 years. For reasons that have all the makings for a great soap opera I have had 4 pastors in a 30 month period as of January 2012. This will test the patience and dedication of anyone serving in pastoral ministry. I am thankful for the prayers of the people of God at Hudson who have sustained me through these personally and professionally trying times. Perhaps we are back on the road to possibilities.

As you can see, I have played many roles in my brief existence, but most importantly, I have developed some life roles as a Christian, a husband, and a father.

To know me is to know that everything else I do comes after these three life roles. These life roles really amount more to play than anything else. One of my core beliefs is that God created human beings to enjoy the marvelous world God created. Some how we’ve screwed it up by taking ourselves too seriously.

Finally, I am a musical eclectic who enjoys hot new music, especially Jazz, Rock (no heavy metal, I'm too old now), Contemporary Christian Music, Blue Grass, Western Swing, Sacred, Classical, New Age Music and the Blues. I like the way Ramsey Lewis puts it, “Good music is just good music!” 

You can find out more about me by following following the link to factoids 'bout me!


drop me a line at lhuiras@gobblersnob.org
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April 4, 2012